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Grout Coverage Calculator


ASA grouts have been formulated with performance and ease of use in mind.

  • Designer Grout - Superb clean-up properties, strength and ease of installation. Best general grout for indoor and outdoor installations. 1.5 - 15mm joints.
  • White Smooth Grout - Brilliant white colour, unsanded grout for indoor walls. 1.5 - 3mm joints
  • Sanded Grout - Designed for wider joints and best suited to outdoor installations - 5 - 25mm joints.
  • Design Epoxy Grout - Epoxy grout for when an impermeable indoor grout is needed. 3 - 15mm joints
Designer Grout, White Smooth Grout and Sanded Grout can all be used with 1:1 Megalastic when a performance boost is needed.